Friday, May 25, 2012

Bad Boy Crush 1

Now I have thought about it and although I will establish numbers to my bad boy crushes they are not numbered in the order in which I find them most attractive just the next one I noticed and able to discuss. So with that Boy Crush #1 is... Hans Solo!
Yes, he is a bad boy I mean come on he totally did not want to help with the rebellion. He was forced into it only because he fell in love with Princess Leah. He had to prove himself worthy of her and get involved in her quest in order to be worthy of her. But really do we think that Hans would really care about the rebellion if it wasn't for Leah. I highly doubt it. But why is he a "Bad Boy"? You may ask... He has a star ship in which he accepts money to transport people to let us just say questionable destinations. And then he has a wookie as a first mate. They are always known to be rather violent and I guess Chewy could be a "Bad Boy" too but come on who would you rather cuddle up with? I will take a young Harrison Ford any day, as apposed to a large hairy growling dog! There is so much more I could say about Hans Solo and his "Bad Boy" ways but I think I can allow you to use your imagination to find why you yourselves find him attractive in your own way. All I gots to say is thank you for HANS SOLO! A very handsome and worthy "Bad Boy" crush!

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