Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finish of Road Trip Day 1

So, the end of the trip really ended up on the 2nd day of the road trip. We got into Salt Lake City around 3:00 this morning. But it was super nice of the front desk guy to change our reservation to today instead of yesterday. Since we were not here yesterday. This morning my friend has been knocked out the whole time while I have enjoyed some breakfast and even taken a little swim. Poor thing she has been getting ready for this move for awhile she is quite exhausted and since we have no immediate plans I don't see why she shouldn't be able to have a little extra sleep. Today whenever we get out on the road we can relax and not worry about a hotel reservation and we can stay where we like. I am hoping we will be able to see some cool things on the way. So far we have driven through all of New Mexico and since I have done that drive about a million times it was pretty much been there done that. But then we got to Colorado just the edge and that is somewhat new it wasnt much different than New Mexico. Now were in Utah! Not that Utah is that much more exciting. Salt Lake City looked sad and dark last night when we drove through but it was a whole lot chillier than I expected. This morning I was able to see Salt Lake in the day time and I must admit it looks way better than it did last night. So onward and upward as we continue on our journey whenever we decide to do so.

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