Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Time!!!

So today was my first day of summer! That means that I no longer have my class, and I am quite possibly no longer a Pre-K teacher. But as it was not officially the last day of school information has gone around to make sure that next year all things that have been changed may not stay that way. My principal has moved schools and the changes she has made may not stick! We shall see... But it does mean that soon I will be on a road trip with a friend to Port Angelas and Seattle! All very exciting! Which I am more than ready to blog about all my trip so I am hoping it will all be very fun and adventurous. I hope that it will be! Currently I am cleaning and packing and getting ready for that as well as giving my dog some training. He is seeming to get rather jealous of my parents dogs and since he is 3 times their size we have had to go to more aggresive measures to train him. I hope that they work and that we may have a very nice and well behaved Pit Bull very soon. He has a big goofy heart he just did not have his mommy and brothers and sisters to train him how to be a real dog. It is sad but I hope it all works out. I love my doggie and I hope he will learn to be calm and good.

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