Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Day... New Blog...

Well here I go starting fresh! I have decided to become a more interesting blogger to actually talk of my life. C'est la vie le week-end! That's the weekend life! The weekend was a little disappoining. Friday: I worked double all day at school and at the hotel for some extra cash for the trip to Seattle I have planned. At least I have Seattle to look forward to, it is my number one place in the United States I would like to visit. So watch out Seattle! After work I hung out with an ex-boyfriend and a guy I like. Just a little akward to say the least. The guy I like wont even try to date me simply becuause he has become friends with my ex and apparently it is some sorta bro code. Oh well. Saturday I had to go to the ER with my mom who slipped and fell out of her flippy floppys and dislocated her thumb. We were releaved that it was only dislocated and not broken. But that pretty much ruined anything else fun for that Saturday because I was rather exhausted trying to calm my mother. Sunday I dressed up, put on some make up, a lovely dress and went to church only to run into the guy I likes sister. Ha ha, yeah that was lovely. I think she is becoming friends with my sister and so I do not know what this means for the future but what I do know is I have to suck it up and move on. So to start work up on Monday I need to have a happy and positive outlook. I have an interview on Monday to work as an EA at a local Albuquerque High School called Highland. Some perks to the job it is located so amazingly close to the best part of Albuquerque Nob Hill. If you are local and if you have ever visited this is the place to be. The job would be working with something I am very interested in but could be extremely challenging. I need to go on the interview and see what I can do! I hope that we will all start a wonderful week and have some amazing stories to tell.

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